First Blog Post

Sat 22 March 2014 by Daniel

Welcome to the Semanticious blog. I will use this space to occasionally write about Computational Semantics, Natural Langauge Processing, AI, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Art, Music, Culture and Life in general.

If this topic is not coherent enough, don't worry. Everything will be categorized neatly.

This blog will be mostly an effort to formulate some thoughts that didn't fit into 140 characters on Twitter. Some posts may therefore be shorter than others.

I chose to use the excellent Pelican static site generator for this blog, rather than a dynamic blogging webapp. Static site generators offer a number of advantages. Setting up, maintaining, and securing webapps - part of my job at WordsEye - can be painful. I also prefer writing my posts in Vi, rather than some small HTML form with limited editing capabilities, and it's cool to use ReStructuredText for formatting, which I am familiar with from Python docstrings.

Also, Pelican is written entirely in Python, so it's convenient for me to hack.

Now... what to write about? Stay tuned for a post on being an international student and co-founding a company in the US.